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Cooperative Education


COOP-180 Internship in Occupational Work Experience Education - (SC) - 2-3 Units


Ashlin, Marilyn

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Note: For students in the internship with East Bay Municipal Utility District







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2-3 Units

6/17 - 8/09

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COOP-180 Internship in Occupational Work Experience Education
1 - 4 Units SC May Be Repeated Three Times
Degree Applicable
Variable Hours
Note: In order to enroll in the COOP 180 course, students must be interning or volunteering, register for the course, complete an online Employment Form, participate in an orientation, and receive approval from Career and Employment Services. Students may earn 1 unit for 5 hours work per week or 75 hours work per term (paid work) or 1 unit for 4 hours work per week or 60 hours work per term (unpaid work). Employment Form can be accessed at Incomplete grades are not awarded for COOP. Students may repeat to a maximum of 16 units; an appeal will be required after 3 repetitions.
COOP 180 is a supervised internship in a skilled or professional level assignment in the student's major field of study or area of career interest. Under the supervision of a college instructor, students will engage in on-the-job and other learning experiences that contribute to their employability skills and occupational or educational goals. Internships may be paid, non-paid, or some partial compensation provided. CSU

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