Hybrid courses

Diablo Valley College supports distance education, providing a wide variety of online and hybrid courses—many of which fulfill the IGETC agreement.

By searching our schedule, using the term "hybrid," a student can quickly assess the hybrid courses available for each semester. To be prepared for these courses, a student should review the links on the left-hand side of this page, developing a sense for the type of skills, learning styles, course design that is involved in distance education courses.

Student Preparation for Hybrid Courses

While online courses meet on campus very few times or not at all, hybrid courses have a minimum requirement of 50% for on-campus meetings. Because hybrid courses include some form of web-based instruction, we suggest that prospective students review the tips for success.

To review hybrid course offerings, please search our online schedule, using "hybrid" in the #3 box for the type of delivery: Schedule of Courses

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