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Schedule of courses - fall 2013

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
ARCHI-1203186Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design - (LR) - 3 Units
MW8:00-10:50amET-112Valdez, JFull Term
ARCHI-1571781History of World Architecture: Middle Ages to 18th Century - (SC) - 3 Units
MW11:00-12:20pmET-112Abbott, DFull Term
BUS-1012873Business English - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH9:30-10:50amET-112Cabiles, EFull Term
CONST-1828531Building Code Interpretation: Structural - (SC) - 3 Units
TH6:30-9:20pmET-112Higgs, CFull Term
CONST-2738542Construction Management - (SC) - 3 Units
T6:30-9:20pmET-112Roberts, TFull Term
DRAMA-1392523Introduction to Theater - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH11:00-12:20pmET-112Trujillo, EFull Term
HORT-1418233Tree Identification - (SC) - 3 Units
W6:30-9:20pmET-112Winchester, SFull Term
HSCI-1702844Women''s Health - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH12:30-1:50pmET-112Rittenhouse, CFull Term
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