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Schedule of courses - fall 2013

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
ENGL-1169019College Reading Development - (SC) - 3 Units
MW4:30-5:50pmSRC-W220Vasudeva, MFull Term
ENGL-1169021College Reading Development - (SC) - 3 Units
MW9:30-10:50amSRC-W220Vasudeva, MFull Term
ENGL-1169022College Reading Development - (SC) - 3 Units
MW11:00-12:20pmSRC-W220Vasudeva, MFull Term
ENGL-1189280College Writing Development - (SC) - 3 Units
MW12:30-1:50pmSRC-W220Shackett, CFull Term
ENGL-1189474College Writing Development - (SC) - 3 Units
W6:00-8:50pmSRC-W220Schmidt, RFull Term
ENGL-1229025Freshman English: Composition and Reading - (LR) - 3 Units
TTH12:30-1:50pmSRC-W220Morrow, LFull Term
ENGL-1229026Freshman English: Composition and Reading - (LR) - 3 Units
TTH9:30-10:50amSRC-W220Morrow, LFull Term
ENGL-1229028Freshman English: Composition and Reading - (LR) - 3 Units
TTH11:00-12:20pmSRC-W220Shick, CFull Term
ENGL-1239465Critical Thinking: Composition and Literature - (LR) - 3 Units
T6:00-8:50pmSRC-W220Carbonell, AFull Term
ENGL-1689175The Literatures of America - (SC) - 3 Units


Carbonell, AFull Term
 Note: Online course. There is ONE face-to-face mandatory meeting on Monday, 8/26, from 6-8:50 pm, in SRC W220. Go to for course access information.
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