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The college organizational structure for the administration of instructional student learning outcomes is a cooperative effort of full-time and part-time faculty, the Curriculum Committee (CurCom), and the SLO Assessment Committee (SLOAC), with the support of the Office of Instruction. The CurCom assures that all DVC courses and programs have appropriate outcome statements included in their official course outlines of record (CORs). The SLOAC reviews officially-submitted program and course assessments for quality assurance, while guiding and training faculty in the process from the SLO Center, and provides feedback on departments' "action plans". The Office of Instruction provides for an Instructional SLO Facilitator (iSLOF) to maintain the WebSLOs tracking system.

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"Easy and useful"
That's the "motto" for DVC instructional SLOs. The administrative work to perform assessments needs to be easy enough so as to be manageable, or else it just won't get done. The results of the assessments need to be shared with faculty if they are to be of any use to anyone.

So this website was designed to make all SLO-related information easy to find, assessment commitments easy to track, and results easy to submit. Status reports are available here, to inform everyone from the smallest department to the largest division, where they stand with SLO assessment commitments. Detailed assessment results are stored in PDF format on the protected "U drive" for staff and faculty access, and are emailed to all faculty prior to each semester, for their assigned classes.

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